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Information and Reference

Mactire Falls Guide
All the information you need to know about the area, history and available species can be found here.
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by Lani
Dec 2, 2018 20:36:12 GMT 10
The Lore Book
Any updates or announcements will be made here. Watch this space.
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Character Development

Character Creation and Application Forms
Come here to create your character. Forms are provided here. Be sure to fill the forms out carefully and wait for a staff member to approve your character before role playing.
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by Lani
Jun 22, 2013 20:44:30 GMT 10
Secondary Characters
Here is where you will find short profiles for Extras and Secondary Characters. This also includes groups. These characters are not owned by anyone, therefore can be used as needed by anyone, but are mentioned or used often enough to be notable. This is the perfect place to make a character that you deem important enough to mention and see around, but not a primary character. Also note that most characters in here are adoptable.
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by Maverick Anderson
Dec 10, 2018 10:28:37 GMT 10
Wanted Ads
Adoptables looking for love.
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May 14, 2018 20:49:09 GMT 10
This is where you may create pets for your characters. Your pets DO NOT need to be accepted by an admin, however; if a form is not submitted properly, a staff member may ask you to redo or delete it.
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by Tori Blake
Dec 9, 2018 22:07:35 GMT 10

Out of Character

Feel free to advertise your favourite RPGs here.
Guest Friendly
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First Time, Link Backs, Affiliates

Mactire Falls

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Streets & Alleys
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Shopping & Leisure
1 thread 14 posts
Night Life
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Public Areas
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Nature Reserve
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Mactire Outskirts and Surrounds

Hallow Woods
1 thread 2 posts
Farm Plains
2 threads 25 posts
Cola River
3 threads 150 posts
Hidden Springs
1 thread 5 posts
Shadow Woods
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Loup Werewolf Pack Lands
Mactire Ruins
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Alpine Lake
1 thread 167 posts

Rest of the World

North America
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South America
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Razor Henley: Ergo, you're going to be seeing Ali, Cipher, and Razor more than my protagonists- which gives Lou more material to work with. But, for now, be free little butterfly! Mar 19, 2018 9:34:54 GMT 10
Samael Lewis: Sorry! I was supposed to be away for 2 days but end up being 5 days from the snow and icey runways! But I'm back now and thank you hex, I shell spread my wings! XD xx Mar 20, 2018 20:19:29 GMT 10
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